Referee Marc Goddard Debunks The Biggest Myths About MMA Reffing

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  • He seems like a chill bloke but I absolutely hate how Goddard is always so keen to separate the fighters after 2 seconds of inactivity, a ref should only interfere as a last resort. Probably made too nervous by a booing crowd. He done maia dirty vs usman and done usman dirty vs woodly. Just 2 agregueis examples off the top of my head

    Zoot JitsuZoot Jitsu16 tuntia sitten
  • Gastelum took some major unnecessary damaged from adesenya in the last 15 seconds of their fight because M. Goddard didn’t stop the fight because he was more concerned with watching the clock making sure the fight went the distance so he could get paid instead of actually focusing on gastelum knocked out rolling around on the mat in front of him! this scumbag needs to be investigated ASAP!!!

    BLUE your my BOYBLUE your my BOYPäivä sitten
  • Mark Goddard was always my favorite ref! Good stuff!

    Fierysaint1Fierysaint13 päivää sitten
  • "You can't take a couple of days of classes with a firefighter and be out there on Monday, fighting fires." Volunteer firefighters, you're on check.

    Tim HTim H3 päivää sitten
  • Worst officials in MMA: 1. Mario Yamasaki 2. Steve Maazzagatti 3. Marc Goddard

    Tim HTim H3 päivää sitten
  • Marc is just the goddamn best. He should be a judge

    J SJ S3 päivää sitten
  • Best ref!

    MGM ODPMGM ODP3 päivää sitten
  • You're a good man, Marc!

    The MenagerieThe Menagerie3 päivää sitten
  • 5:33 For some reason this photo makes me think of alcohol and cigarettes.

    Michael SMichael S4 päivää sitten
  • Such a quality channel unreal!

    Carlo UljancicCarlo Uljancic4 päivää sitten
  • He is the Man bar none

    Wusnae meWusnae me4 päivää sitten
  • 1 week course in classroom and wallop you are a Saftey Person know nowt put your Saftey Glasses on Yes it's a pass love it

    Wusnae meWusnae me4 päivää sitten
  • Damn nice work, earned a sub 👍

    SteveSteve5 päivää sitten
  • Marc Goddard is very smart, it's nice listening to him talk about MMA.

    TimTim5 päivää sitten
  • Travis Browne was friend with that 1 referee who would favor him when he was winning now that referee doesn't even exist in the earth realm

    Kaizen MckenzieKaizen Mckenzie5 päivää sitten
  • really interesting, MArc seems really proffesional.

    juncear youtubejuncear youtube5 päivää sitten
  • Morgan Reilly knows a lot about UFC reffing

    NormNorm5 päivää sitten
  • A lot of BS is in his claims! Example: Refs ARE NOT held accountable! #facts

    MazkebarMazkebar6 päivää sitten
  • Notice no UFC footage

    warpartywarparty6 päivää sitten
  • when he's the ref I feel so safe that even my internet won't lag.

    Abas SalaryAbas Salary6 päivää sitten
  • wholesome man

    Etienne MasquelinEtienne Masquelin6 päivää sitten
  • Best ref in the game

  • He is such a decent human beiing love the guy !!!

    Ivaylo IvanovIvaylo Ivanov7 päivää sitten
  • Mel-BORN?! Mel-BORN?! WTAF?!?!?! It's Mel-BIN, that's how you pronounce Melbourne

    Robert SheehanRobert Sheehan7 päivää sitten
  • Him, Big John and Herb are the business!!!

    Lupe The Monster MuncherLupe The Monster Muncher7 päivää sitten
  • Would’ve been interesting if you’ve got yamasaki here hmmmm anyways great vid as always!

    SpecimenSpecimen7 päivää sitten
  • Keith Peterson smiling at 5:33!!!!! looks like he has a good beer and cigs buzz on!

    Buck FuttlerBuck Futtler7 päivää sitten
  • Mock God-Odd

    Buck FuttlerBuck Futtler7 päivää sitten
  • What a f'ing awesome topic. Thanks guys!

    A PlusA Plus7 päivää sitten
  • A Monster in the best sense of the word! one of the best in the business.

    Rafa VRafa V8 päivää sitten
  • Just, wow.

    modoliefmodolief8 päivää sitten
  • Marc isn't the best referee as far as separating action (he's a quick trigger" but he is assertive and enforces rules very well overall. And he blows that midget Peterson out of the water.

    Joe BensonJoe Benson8 päivää sitten
  • I don’t know if anyone will see this but I’m an amateur boxer from South Wales and was in the early days of my career when I come up against another boy on his home show with a ref that trained at the same gym as him, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as biased as that FACTS

    Ethan ThomasEthan Thomas8 päivää sitten
  • One of the BEST in the BiZ

    MrEvinMrEvin8 päivää sitten
  • Best Ref . Screw Covington...oh yeah and Screw McGregor too.

    Henry BHenry B8 päivää sitten
  • 5 adds on a 14 minute video is a little nuts guys.

    Myskully14Myskully148 päivää sitten
  • There's something that doesn't sit right with me when a referee behaves like a celebrity.

    J.M VakenJ.M Vaken8 päivää sitten
  • Fantastic video. Solid content every time

    SanguisMorthisSanguisMorthis8 päivää sitten
  • I doubt know Mark, the consequences of a bad bread roll could ruin a fantastic bacon butty, that's just unforgivable!

    Tw0 CrowsTw0 Crows8 päivää sitten
  • Goodard is a crap ref. He has had his twitter show that he has text fighters before and after fights. fights that have ended with the person he twatted winning. Marty Usman comes to mind. He is a douche

  • Such a good interview!

    Kristian MouyatKristian Mouyat8 päivää sitten
  • why interviewed this guy you should've interviewed the best ref there is, yamasaki.

    Dill DoeDill Doe8 päivää sitten
  • I think Goddard is a genuinely great individual. Nice human being and thoroughly professional at his craft.

    Harvey CreweHarvey Crewe8 päivää sitten
  • Marc "not so good'ard

    M MM M8 päivää sitten
  • For the algorithm

    balbal8 päivää sitten
  • We don't hate referees. We hate judges

    Saket SumanSaket Suman8 päivää sitten
  • Mark is awesome. Thanks guys!!!

    Denver RuffDenver Ruff8 päivää sitten
  • best video you've ever done.

    Titiana RasputinTitiana Rasputin8 päivää sitten
  • Absolutely enjoyed this 👌👏👍🙌 M.G thanks again Blessings from Seattle

    Merihim SolomonMerihim Solomon8 päivää sitten
  • i've never heard the myth that refereeing was easy. lol

    Rafael LyleRafael Lyle8 päivää sitten
  • So Marc Goddard is an "Independent Contractor" and can work with any organization he chooses. The ENTIRE UFC ROSTER are "Independent Contractors" see where this is going

    Crowbar1115Crowbar11159 päivää sitten
  • Truly one of the best in the game!

    jptothetreejptothetree9 päivää sitten
  • Great watch!

    William McRaeWilliam McRae9 päivää sitten
  • Best ref in the business, and a great mentor.

    Orso BrunoOrso Bruno9 päivää sitten
  • On the way to a mil in subs! Congrats guys.

    That's Cool, JoshuaThat's Cool, Joshua9 päivää sitten
  • Fuck8ng wow guys... great vid

    Sh a JaySh a Jay9 päivää sitten
  • This guy should be in UFC 4

    No PictureNo Picture9 päivää sitten
  • First thought, did he just compare fire fighting to reffing mma fights🤣🤣🤣

    Keith SergentKeith Sergent9 päivää sitten
  • What a great ref! And another top notch video! This is the best MMA chanel on youtube!!

    Thor-Rune JensenThor-Rune Jensen9 päivää sitten
  • All other sports should learn from this guy.

    Our World Below?Our World Below?9 päivää sitten
  • The best ending I've ever seen! 😂

    anmonlivanmonliv9 päivää sitten
  • These guys are the reason we have the sport. Without protection for the fighters it's just violence.

    Matty GMatty G9 päivää sitten
  • What a legend

    Andrey DerevyankoAndrey Derevyanko9 päivää sitten
  • Goddard is trash at reffing

    Chad WismerChad Wismer9 päivää sitten

    Hugh MungusHugh Mungus9 päivää sitten
  • Big John, Herb, Marc, and Keith.......great refs🔥🔥

    Kuda95 MKuda95 M9 päivää sitten
  • this man just say he's on a different dimension? damn the stones

    Derek RusherDerek Rusher9 päivää sitten
  • This video was so interesting I got eye poked watching it and nobody noticed.

    Wayne GoddardWayne Goddard9 päivää sitten
  • I was at a UFC fight where Goddard ruined the night by pretending he didnt know McGregror was there and was going to jump into the ring ...absouletly everyone ringside knew he was there , Mcgregor was dressed in all back standing just off ringside waiting for the finish and when it happened Goddard rushed McGregor pising him and and made it all about him. Everyone knew what was happening but Goddard claims it was a shock and he reacted , Goddard is an asshole 100% proven liar as afterwards the promotion admitted that Goddard had been told what was planned and he just wanted to grab the lime light , worst part was he left a downed fighter u nprotected so he could race acrodd the ring to get his name in lights - No referee would leave a downed fighter but Goddard did

    fred burdettfred burdett9 päivää sitten
  • Awesome dude.

    pho3nixmattpho3nixmatt9 päivää sitten
  • Is there actually a myth that refereeing is easy? Seems like anyone who thinks that has never watched any sort of combat sports.

    Clay SClay S9 päivää sitten
  • We need to riot for gopro's on the refs!!!

    Darrian GuffeyDarrian Guffey9 päivää sitten
  • Idk why but He reminds me Of a T-Rex 🦖 #FullReptile #Listen

    Brian SeguraBrian Segura9 päivää sitten
  • Someone build this Guy a "WIKIPEDIA" Page.

    Live FreeLive Free10 päivää sitten
  • Such a great video. Really interesting.

    NateNate10 päivää sitten
  • Did not recognize him without the perfect hairdo.

    itombaitomba10 päivää sitten
  • It's Mr. Marc Notgooddard.

    big blobbig blob10 päivää sitten
  • Yamasaki diagrees with everything. Hes got tivo to think about during fights.

    M3nt2 R3pr3z3ntM3nt2 R3pr3z3nt10 päivää sitten
  • It's a really hard job = MMA refereeing. You're responsible for the safety of two human beings who are fighting each other. 🙏 Respect.

    Diego PonsDiego Pons10 päivää sitten
  • he is not facing the camera... but his nose is, i can trust this guy

    Matias Gomez JanzenMatias Gomez Janzen10 päivää sitten
  • Goddard has reffed a bisping fight but he used to train with him

    Ya Da Plays BadmintonYa Da Plays Badminton10 päivää sitten
  • hes a great ref

    whytboywhytboy10 päivää sitten
  • You know Colby Covington is one of the dislikes on this vid 😂

    Cody MathesCody Mathes10 päivää sitten
  • Bless you, Marc Goddard.

    B69neB69ne10 päivää sitten
  • Top ref

    Dizzy DeckdogDizzy Deckdog10 päivää sitten
  • Mark Goddard sucks

    D CD C10 päivää sitten
  • 6:30 where was this when u reff`ed usman vs colby.... your political agenda also includes buddy

    raul gonzalezraul gonzalez10 päivää sitten
  • I usually dislike British people, but I’ll give him a pass.

    ZurrealZurreal10 päivää sitten
  • Such a great insight to an amazing reff. love the work you do Mark, Big fan.

    VasracingVasracing10 päivää sitten
  • I’d rather have someone admit they made a mistake. Then just hiding in the shadows. This man has been one of my favourite officials for a long time. Overall he does a very good job.

    Pat O'DonnellPat O'Donnell10 päivää sitten
  • the one true thing across all sports and competition... people will shit on the refs and will likely be wrong about it

    televationtelevation10 päivää sitten
  • If you haven't seen Marc sit down w Dan Hardy doing a fight analysis/breakdown check it out, probably best interview w a ref I've ever seen

    Nicole IredaleNicole Iredale10 päivää sitten
  • Marc isn't perfect but he's pretty close. And always asking and learning. Great interview 💯

    Nicole IredaleNicole Iredale10 päivää sitten
  • Go Pro cameras attached to referees would be a cool thing to start doing

    Big TexasBig Texas10 päivää sitten
  • Interview made me gain respect forsure. No more hate for goddard

    Karam SananKaram Sanan10 päivää sitten
  • *two molecules of hydrogen collide in the Amazon rainforest at night* Marc Goddard: I saw that. Take as much time as you need. No coaching please.

    random guyrandom guy10 päivää sitten
  • Really thought Marc Goddard woulda been a ‘Cob’ guy definitely not a ‘bread-roll’ guy. - Don’t expect a single American to understand this comment

    ay danay dan10 päivää sitten
  • Mark Not so Goodard

    Dindu NuffinDindu Nuffin10 päivää sitten
  • Absolutely beautiful video. Thanks guys. Pat on the back to y’all.

    Chacho GarshaChacho Garsha10 päivää sitten
  • He's pro Brexit no wonder he let Marty off with a fake nut shot 😂

    ben woodben wood10 päivää sitten