Live Chat: Alistair Overeem vs Alexander Volkov Card Preview

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  • I'm hard AF me. I tried to enter the UFC but Dana said "no you're much to hard you'd win easily" so they didn't sign me.

    LuckyDTLuckyDT27 päivää sitten
  • "But where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this?" Right over all their heads. They obviously don't subscribe to Chael Sonnen's channel lol.

    ZaugZaug27 päivää sitten
  • These two are way better

    ESAVESAV28 päivää sitten
  • Can we get more of Anthony Walker? He's got some great views and already seems like a pro at this.

    senorelmousesenorelmouse29 päivää sitten
  • Let's just think this out. If Khabib ever fights GSP, the only thing people will say if he beats him is that GSP is not the same person he used to be. No one gains anything from that fight.

    MadroachinMadroachin29 päivää sitten
  • Anthony walker should be more on the show! He's such a pro.

    Gustavo JaureguiGustavo Jauregui29 päivää sitten

    Jesse RichardsJesse Richards29 päivää sitten
  • Y'all really missed the "But where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this" joke! Great vid!

    Banana PhoneBanana PhoneUukausi sitten
  • I really like this channel and have watched it for a long time now but some of Anthony Walkers extremely bias takes are a big turn off

    Derek Castles Lawyer Mike HuntDerek Castles Lawyer Mike HuntUukausi sitten
  • You forgot about Jason Hertzog(spell?) not stopping the fight straight away when Gaethje was tapping loads

    Rob MartelRob MartelUukausi sitten
  • MAGA isn't over. These leftist media members keep saying his gimmick is up.. yall wish lol

    UGLY BABYUGLY BABYUukausi sitten
    • @ASDR yours reeks of soy

      UGLY BABYUGLY BABYUukausi sitten
    • This comment reeks of cheeto dust

      ASDRASDRUukausi sitten
  • Why talk politics and show the obvious media bias.... it’s just cringe and Ruins an otherwise great show.

    james hjames hUukausi sitten
  • I think y’all are blowing the SAS thing wayyy out of proportion tbh. He’s a respected and visible voice for the NBA and the NFL and he’s just being made to talk about MMA. I think to call people who just don’t like/appreciate the sport stupid is kinda strange but that’s just me

    BasicallyBaconBasicallyBaconUukausi sitten
  • “Colbys gimmick is all he has” like he’s not one of the best fighters in the world smh... put some respect on his ability inside the octagon

    Nolan SmithNolan SmithUukausi sitten
    • @Derek Castles Lawyer Mike Hunt of course..

      UGLY BABYUGLY BABY29 päivää sitten
    • Could it be a coincidence that a black dude is obviously hardcore hating on Colby a dude who supports trump?.... Oh wait I'm racist now 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      Derek Castles Lawyer Mike HuntDerek Castles Lawyer Mike HuntUukausi sitten
    • Theyre liberals ..what do you expect? Integrity? Lol.

      UGLY BABYUGLY BABYUukausi sitten
    • And he was a nobody before he called Brazil a dump, there's a lot of great fighters who have nothing but skill going for them amd colby was one until his maga gimmick

      captain pricecaptain priceUukausi sitten
  • To me, Mike Beltram is one of the very best referees too. Am I wrong?

    Adrien DEHAISAdrien DEHAISUukausi sitten
  • Yeah boi Inject that kumite krunch into my veins. Anthony was great as well

    Jonny SmithJonny SmithUukausi sitten
  • Quality Panel - more Anthony Walker please! Your show is great as long as you dont go into non MMA tangents. Continued Success!

    David DeanDavid DeanUukausi sitten
  • I really enjoyed Anthony Walker being on. He has great insight

    James Robert DJames Robert DUukausi sitten
  • Anthony Walker is a great host, we need to see more of him

    Franklin JacksonFranklin JacksonUukausi sitten
    • Agreed. Terrible shirt though.

      Joanna's ForeheadJoanna's ForeheadUukausi sitten
    • PLEASE PLEASE MORE ANTHONY WALKER! Let him narrate a few videos !!!!

      Lance BurkhalterLance BurkhalterUukausi sitten
    • For sure

      Garret HansenGarret HansenUukausi sitten
  • 01:41 start

    VospiVospiUukausi sitten
  • Jason get a bad haircut or...?

    Joanna's ForeheadJoanna's ForeheadUukausi sitten
    • I guess hes looking like joanna because of a tooth issue

      Joe NguyenJoe NguyenUukausi sitten
  • Colby will be the welterweight champion at the end of 2021 no matter who he fights

    Nick KaragiannisNick KaragiannisUukausi sitten
    • @Buster Douglas nice KO against Tyson buster👍

      Nick KaragiannisNick KaragiannisUukausi sitten
    • Nick Karagiannis okay 😂😂😂

      Buster DouglasBuster DouglasUukausi sitten
  • Do fight companion for fight nights too

    HalfdeadfrankHalfdeadfrankUukausi sitten
  • Sad I missed it..

    Derrick HenryDerrick HenryUukausi sitten
  • Jason, we are happy you aren't dead...😏

    Nicola MaxwellNicola MaxwellUukausi sitten
  • Big fan Thanks for all the content and amazing to see A-Walker!!

    Antoine RoyAntoine RoyUukausi sitten
    • Seriously, during lock down the content has been uplifting Thanks again!

      Antoine RoyAntoine RoyUukausi sitten
  • Noooo!!! I missed live chat!😣 Lawton is the GOAT! Will catch up fellas! Thanks!😁💫

    Nicola MaxwellNicola MaxwellUukausi sitten
    • I'm sorry, but I'm the official MMAOnPoint P4P King.

      J TevoJ TevoUukausi sitten
    • @Armenian Jiu-Jitsu No way!! Lol.

      Nicola MaxwellNicola MaxwellUukausi sitten
  • In another promotion he is gonna retire (if he loses) this is his last run?

    Niels GrootheddeNiels GrootheddeUukausi sitten
    • Last run for the UFC belt.

      Nicola MaxwellNicola MaxwellUukausi sitten